The Ultimate New Rabbit Checklist

It doesn't have to be hard...

New rabbit raisers have all manner of 'teething' problems which are enough to make the best of us give up.

Wiring & cables chewed, furniture eaten, clothes & shoes destroyed, Houdini tricks, eating flower borders & aggressive behaviour are all valid reasons rescue centres are handed unwanted rabbits every day! 

But all are easy to avoid and solutions are quick to learn, so new bunnies feel welcome, safe and part of the family.

    Go from 'Newbie Without a Clue' to 'Rabbit Savvy Clever Clogs' in a few minutes with minimum effort on your part!

    Let go of overwhelm and information overload with super condensed, helpful and relevant data :-)

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    Checklist Checks Include:

    Veggies Check – What’s safe? What’s not? How much?

    House & Home Check – How big? What for & when?

    Toilet Training Check – How Many? What tray? Which litter?

    Feeders & Waterers Check – What types are best? How much?

    Transportation Check – What type? When to use? How to handle?

    Grooming Equipment Check – What’s on the list? What for?

    Hay & Food Check – Best Types? How much? What to avoid?

    Toys Check – Why play? Best games? What for?

    Companionship Check – When to bond? Why to bond?

    Book Check – Which is best? What information? Why?


    The ULTIMATE New Rabbit Checklist
    by Kerry Greener

    From understanding the basics of housing and diet to the fundamentals of grooming, knowing what containers to put food and water in and even helping with getting your rabbit's names right, this Ultimate New Rabbit Checklist covers the most crucial and vital fundamentals of being a new rabbit owner.  

    "Hopefully I have thought of everything you could possibly need to know when getting started with rabbits and condensed all that knowledge into an easy-to-understand, bite-sized checklist."

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